A question was posed to our advisory board at yesterday’s meeting – “what one message do you have for students just entering the job force in your field?” – here are some of the responses from CEOs and Senior designers:

  • Be a brand – be aware of what your social networking profiles say about you
  • get your student work out of your portfolio as soon as you can – even small jobs (like working for friends, family, neighborhood businesses)  are a step up from student work. When someone in a hiring position sees a 20-year-old designer with Nike in their portfolio, they know it is a student project
  • Get an Internship – the lessons learned in an internship are more valuable than the pay and can be a step in the door with your  dream company
  • Practice selling your work and design decisions – be able to explain your typography, color and composition choices
  • Learn to listen and ask questions – design is about problem solving, and we have to dig to figure out the core objective of the project.
  • Pay attention – the boss won’t tell you the specs of the project twice, and won’t hand it to you on a neat sheet of paper, they will expect that you heard and understood their direction the first time.
  • Show a strong work ethic – If you are the first one out the door at 5:00pm, that shows a lack of passion ans commitment to your team. A lot of the most important work is done after hours when the office calms down.
  • Lose your ego, learn to take criticism. Don’t take critiques or revisions personally and remember that it is the client’s brand and money you are working with
  • Practice the fundamentals of art