PHP application

Concept: You are the web designer and developer for a new web application. Your task is to create a website using what you’ve learned about PHP and MySQL. You may choose one of the projects listed below or create your own. Note: All project concepts must be cleared with the instructor.

The project is due on the last day of class (see milestones below). You will be given some time to work on the project in class; however, do not rely on the time given to complete the project. While the project will mostly be graded on your ability to effectively use PHP and MySQL, the design and overall usability of the project will also factor into your grade.
In addition, your ability to meet project milestones on the key dates listed below will factor into
your grade.

Sample Project Ideas:

  • Social network
  • Forum
  • Review/rating site
  • Content Management System
  • Online catalog with Shopping Cart System
  • Invent your own (must be cleared with the instructor)

Project Minimums:

  • Use: PHP, MySQL, HTML, and CSS
  • Have: About Us, ┬áSearch Form, RSS, Register form, Login Form

In Addition:

  • Project specific requirements. What makes your project functional?

Key Dates:

  • Day 1 : Receive Project Information
  • Day 5 : Milestone 1 – Inform/clear your project with the instructor, along with brainstorming document and priority feature list
  • Day 10 : Milestone 2 – Layout Design Completed (Mockups/Wireframes of all pages, plus a style tile/style guide)
  • Day 15 : Milestone 3 – Database Structure Developed (get approved on paper first, then build structure in phpmyadmin)
  • Day 20: Milestone 4 – Minimum non-project specific requirements completed (About Us, RSS, terms of service, search, log in)
  • Day 25: Final Projects Due (last day of class)