In addition to your code and design, you will receive a grade for your presentation of your PHP project. Presenting your work to others is an integral part of the feedback cycle, and is a way to improve your work and your communication skills.
Upon completing your presentation, you will be given a grade of either [E]; Excellent, [G]; good, or [NI]; needs improvement. To get the best grade possible, follow these guidelines:

  • Dress for the occasion – Business Casual, no hats, no chewing gum
  • The point of your presentation to the group is to show your work in the best light possible. Sell the work. Focus on the positive. Practice framing ‘negatives’ in a positive way.
    • negative:  ”I don’t have a contact form because I ran out of time”
    • positive: “In a future iteration of the site, a contact form will be here, allowing users to get in touch with the company.”
  • Prepare your presentation. You should cover the following items
    • Begin by introducing yourself and the site you developed.
    • What were the site’s objectives?
    • What will motivate users to use this site?
    • What cool features/tricks/special touches did you add to your project? Demonstrate how they work.
    • If you were to continue developing this project, what would you work on/add next?
    • In closing, Ask the group for their feedback and be prepared to answer questions about your design.