Your blog counts as your in-class assignment grade.

Finish the blog, making sure it includes the following pages and functionality:

  • Links Template Page– build a separate page (links.php) that displays a list of all links (that go to their respective URLs) with descriptions. Make sure the user can easily navigate to this pagen (See wireframe below).
  • Category Template– If the user clicks on one of your categories (like in the sidebar), Send them to a page that lists the latest 10 published posts in that category. Achieve this with just one template file. (category.php)
  • Authors page (authors.php) list all the users/authors on the blog and their bios (see wireframe below)
  • Change the search input field so that after the user searches, their ‘phrase’ sticks in the field.
  • All pages we built together – home, blog, single, rss, search results etc. must be functional
  • Blog styled with your own css

To turn in: show your completed blog to me!

blog wireframe (1)